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Back Reporting

Back Reporting

Platform to identify errors in the transactions and remediate automatically. Most efficient and automated back reporting in the industry.

  • Platform creates a single transaction for multiple errors resulting in one CANC and one NEWT which can be submitted to ARM achieving significant efficiency
  • For over reporting, create ‘CANC’, for mis reporting create a ‘CANC’ and ‘NEWT’ and for under reporting, create a NEWT from trade data in an automated fashion

Track all changes in every transaction that is remediated at field level. Produce audit trail files along with original transaction file and remediated transaction file

A huge remediation rules library to accelerate back reporting for clients. Flexible and fast delivery of client specific rules

Cloud service is available 24×7 and can support any number of transactions. All asset classes and regulations supported


Our Partners.

A few of the forward-thinking companies we’ve proudly worked with.


A few of the forward-thinking companies we’ve proudly worked with.
Tier 1 investment bank:

Reg-x breach management has enabled us to automate one of the key process of reporting breaches. It has helped in reducing number of hours regulatory operations spend on breach tracking and focus more on key remediations. This has reduced our operational risk.

Large Asset Manager:

Breach management is one of the most innovative products we have seen in regtech space this year. Combined with expertise in regulation and experience in regulatory change, Reg-x is one of important businesses which financial services industry should use.

Asset Manager:

We have a small regops group. Reg-x products has enabled us to manage our compliance seamlessly and effectively. One of the great feature is of reports, where the latest status of the report can be downloaded and sent to NCA directly.