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SFTR Trade Reporting

SFTR Trade Reporting: Ensuring Transparency and Reducing Risks in the Securities Finance Market

The Securities Financing Transactions Regulation
(SFTR) was introduced by the European Union
(EU) to regulate the securities finance market,
which is regarded as a major contributor to the
2008 financial crisis. SFTR trade reporting
is an important requirement of the regulation,
and it aims to enhance the transparency of the
securities finance market while reducing the risks
involved in securities financing transactions.

Challenges in SFTR Reporting

SFTR trade reporting mandates that both
financial and non-financial counterparties report
specified data about their securities financing
transactions. The reported data includes
information about the securities involved,
collateral, financing rates, maturity dates, and

SFTR Trade Reporting: How Reg-X can help

  • Our platform automates the process of trade reporting, ensuring accurate and timely submissions to trade repositories .
  • We have developed tools that validate the accuracy and completeness of transaction data before submission. This helps clients avoid errors and potential penalties for non-compliance.
  • We Offer consultancy services to guide clients through complex reporting scenarios, helping them understand the intricacies of SFTR requirements and ensuring compliance.
  • We also provide responsive customer support which helps clients to navigate challenges and ensure accurate reporting.
  • Emphasize the security and privacy of client data, ensuring that your reporting solutions adhere to the highest standards of data protection.

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